Dr. Lawitzke's Case of the Week

posted: by: Lynn A. Lawitzke, DVM DABVP Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

A six month old beagle presented with a sudden onset of tremoring, salivating excessively and ataxia (unbalanced walking).  Her owner had taken away a partially eaten peanut butter cookie about thirty minutes before the symptoms started. The cookie had been found in a plastic bag in the car and had been placed out for the birds. 

Bloodwork performed was normal. Vomiting was induced and the dogs symptoms began to improve within fifteen minutes. She was given activated charcoal to absorb any further toxin in her GI tract, and medication to settle her stomach.  

It is suspected that the cookie contained mold that caused the symptoms.  Fortunately her owner found her quickly and the source of the mold could be removed promptly.  By the next day she was back to her normal, happy self!